Jun 27, 2019

     My name is Anastasia Rubel and I’m from Belarus. I’ve been playing tennis since I was 5 years old. I received the Master of Sports award and was ranked N2 16 & under in Europe. I won the National Championship title in singles and doubles and competed for the National Team several years in a row.

     Unfortunately, injuries prevented me from playing tennis on a professional level. I had to quit playing tournaments and went to study on a full scholarship in the United States, while still playing tennis and getting the best medical care for free. Apparently, it was a radical change that turned out to be one of the best decisions in my life.

     I studied in the University of Arkansas (Division I) and Nova Southeastern University (Division II). While playing tennis and having a full scholarship, I received my Bachelor’s in Political Science and my Master’s in Business Management.

     I had many offers from universities around the United States because I was ranked 750 WTA and Top 180 in the world in juniors. However, because I didn’t have any help, I was seriously struggling. At first, all of the coaches were extremely nice and promised the world. Later, I realized that all these promises were unrealistic, and they just told me what I wanted to hear to get me there. So, I decided based on a lies. My decision was to commit to the University of Arkansas because the head coach there seemed to be very nice and understanding. Unfortunately, because of that exact coach I had nightmares and had to transfer after spending two semesters there. He was humiliating me, putting me down, and making me cry every other day. He got fired two years later but I was already studying in the other university. I wish I had someone with the inside information who at least knew the coaches or could tell me some promises are lies! Then I wouldn’t have to go through such a terrible experience and a difficult transfer with certain eligibility issues.

     Transferring wasn’t easy either...I committed to UCF and even went there for a visit. However, in the middle of the summer I received an email saying that I will not be eligible, so they are not signing me. I felt so desperate because it was almost time to go back to school and I didn’t even have a contract. Luckily, I was able to find a great university with an amazing coach and everything seemed to be resolved, but a year later the head coach resigned. We were assigned a new coach who decided to cut my scholarship without a reason. Besides that, he was forcing me play matches through a terrible pain in my wrist and even when I got a ligament tear!

     Some of the experience that I’ve had, I don’t want to happen to any student-athlete in the world. Players deserve to be treated well and respected. This experience will help me to assist my clients in a unique way that could change the life of a person. I hoped to go through 4 amazing years, which changed to be rough years that only made me stronger. Despite all the struggles that I went through, I still managed to be on the Academic Honor roll from 2014 until 2018. Right now, I am determined to help student athletes to give them the experience and education they deserve.

     Getting my education in the Unites States while still competing made me a stronger and better person. It also gave me new friends, relationships, and countless opportunities. However, finding a good university was extremely complicated and not knowing all the rules made it even tougher. I wish I have had someone helping me throughout the whole process, so I wouldn’t have done several mistakes. That’s why my goal now is to help players have an amazing experience and go through the process as smooth as possible. Choosing the right university and coming prepared will definitely help your life and career dreams come true.


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