About us

      We created USA Sport and Study because we want to help driven young people follow the path of their dreams without compromise. You don’t need to choose between your sport or your education. You can do both. And get a scholarship to do it.*

We are a personal development organization which consists of experts in different subjects around the world. We offer personal expertise with the admissions process and the environment of American universities, academies, prep schools, and summer camps. Through our Paratus Platform, we offer the chance to prepare for your tests, mindset, academics, and admissions paperwork, and more. We have a wide network of contacts in both admissions offices and coaching staff, as well as an abundance of successful students who we have helped get to America.

*The value of which correlates with the value of the applicant.

Paratus platform



USA Sport & Study focuses a student’s long term personal development which is not limited to sport abilities, but extends to academic, psychological, and emotional preparation for college and beyond.

We help our students achieve the best conditions in terms of picking the highest quality schools under the best possible financial conditions.

But it is not only about the best 4 years of your life in college. It is about having a great 4 years in college to explore yourself and then to build on them and create a great life afterwards. Life does not end after college, it only begins. That is why we also offer an ever-growing platform of academic and mental preparation to ensure that a student is armed with everything for college and beyond.

We help prepare young people so they are ready for the challenges they will encounter along their way and I am very happy to say that we have built a process around these values.

Robert Sovík