COVID-19 Brings New Updates to the ACT

How Will COVID-19 Affect International Students?

Adela Hofmannova: Meet Our Track & Field Manager

Camila Serrano: Meet Our Golf Manager

Ondřej Vencl: Meet Our Soccer Manager

Alessandra Licul: Meet Our Director of Marketing

Jennifer Wakefield: Meet Our Women’s Ice Hockey Manager

Nick Dilisi: Meet Our Men’s Ice Hockey Manager

How Tennis Champion Anastasia Rubel Went From Belarus to The United States

Robert Sovík: Meet The Founder of USA Sport & Study

Alena Mills: Meet Our Women’s Ice Hockey Manager

Lubos Kubik: Meet Our Soccer Manager

Avoid These Mistakes When Playing Sports In the United States: Tim Srkala’s Tennis Journey

Irena Sediva, Taking Track & Field from the Czech Republic to the United States to the Olympics!

Carla Maestre’s Experience Playing Golf All Around The World!

How Marco Rönning (Sweden) Got a Job at Facebook

How Yorick Treille (France) Became a Pro Hockey Player

How Jan Kolmaš (Czech Republic) Became a Spacecraft Operations Engineer at European Space Agency in Germany

How Helena Pikhartová (Czech Republic) became a PhD Student in London

Hear From Petr Placek (Czech Republic), Co-founder at How To Study In College

Mariela Sariñana (Mexico): Shopper Insights Analyst at 3M in Mexico

Jack Griffin (England)

Geneva Calder (Canada): Assistant Women’s Lacrosse Coach at University of Toronto

James Wypych (New Zealand): Political Research Associate at Project Vote Smart in Des Moines, Iowa

Lena Dimmer (Luxembourg/Germany): Finance Analyst at Millennium Management in NYC

Joëlle Scheps (Netherlands): Project Manager in Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

Ondřej Ťoupal (Czech Republic): Surgeon

Marty Ausserhofer (Italy): Real Estate Associate in Munich, Germany


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