What can you do for me exactly?

We help student athletes through the entire complicated process of qualifying for and applying to American high schools/colleges/universities. We do not only help you with the application process itself, but we help you with: TOEFL,SAT, English prep, mental and personal development, and so much more. For full list of services, please read our Services page.

Can you make a guarantee that I will receive a full scholarship?

Based on the thorough assessment of your situation using our vast experience and expertise, we can make a prediction about where you would be able to go and under what financial circumstances.
We take all the main assessment aspects and then personal preferences (location, proximity to a major city, etc.) into consideration.
We also pay attention to the quality of the school and the values it will bring instead of just the place that will throw the most money at you. We see bigger value in a high quality school where you would have to pay something for the first year instead of a full scholarship somewhere where you will never achieve what you’re capable of.

What is needed for the assessment of my situation?

We need your academic results (GPA, transcripts, etc), your athletic results (statistics, accomplishments, and a video), and we need to assess your English level (we give you an English assessment test & essay through the Paratus Platform).

What does it cost?

Our services price starts at 250 EUR for the very basic help, but we offer very detailed bespoke programs that are priced based on all the services you select. We also award scholarships for our programs in some cases where we see potential, but our services are never for free.

Why do you have to pay for the services?

NCAA Eligibility center. Under the NCAA guidelines, if you get anything for free (material things or advice), you are considered a professional and thus cannot participate and compete in the American college/university system.
We create huge value for the student with preparation, placement, and personal & professional development. The ROI to our services is already immense just with the saved costs mistakes that aren’t made, but we also offer a chance for the student to develop mentally, emotionally, and personally to achieve their best in college and beyond.

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