May 08, 2020

The ACT has changed their processes dramatically to accommodate students who's testing plans have been changed due to lockdowns in their countries. Summer 2020 test dates will be flexible and there will be at home testing options for Fall and Winter in 2020. ACT is also offering webinars and free resources to help students prepare for these exams from the comfort of their own couches!

The ACT is planning to offer their June and July test dates as scheduled, pending updates from the CDC and local health guidelines. The ACT will also be offering a make up test for the June 13th test date on June 20th, and the makeup test date for the July 18 test date will be July 25. ACT will be working with countries individual national testing centers on rescheduling the make up test date, should the need arise. Students are also able to change their test dates for free if they were originally scheduled for June or July (source:

The most interesting update is perhaps that the ACT is launching their test-at-home options this fall. Students will be able to take the ACT from their remote computers. For "remote proctoring," students will still be able to apply fee waivers if they are granted a low-income home fee waiver. The ACT is still developing ways to provide equal access to low-income house holds to still provide access to remote proctoring.

In the time of lockdown, the ACT is also providing free resources including two online Webinars explaining section retesting and why you should use a superscore on your college applications.

Section retesting is when you sit for a specific section of the ACT that you would like to re-take, without requiring you to retake the entire exam. Section retesting is described by the ACT organization as something that "enables students to showcase their skills and accomplishments gained over a lifetime – not just their test-taking abilities on a particular day."

Some fast facts on section retesting are......

  • Students must first take a full ACT test and have a valid composite score on file to be eligible for a section retest
  • Students may take up to three section retests on any one test date.
  • There are no limits on the number of times a student may take a retest.
  • They are offered seven times a year, on the same dates as the national ACT test, but this is changing as test dates are being rescheduled and offered online so check the ACT website if you are interested in a specific test date

The ACT is also offering a webinar on superscoring. If you have taken the ACT multiple times or completed any section retests, you are able to send a combination of your highest scores from each section to colleges. This is called your "superscore." Each college is different in what they will accept, but the ACT will only send one of your complete "composite" scores along with a superscore, so you are able to chose your highest grade. Superscoring is one of the many ways you can help enhance your application and put your best foot forward when applying to American colleges and universities.

These webinars are great resources to students and you should take advantage of them if you are planning to take the exam soon! See links below for registration, and feel free to email us at if you would like to learn more about our test prep and college application preparation services.

Register for Section Retesting Webinar
Register for Superscoring Webinar


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