We are USA Sport & Study

We offer personal expertise with the admissions process and the environment of American prep schools and colleges/universities. We have a wide network of contacts in both the admissions office of schools and the prep and university coaches. We have an abundance of successful students who we have helped get to America.

Many talented athletes around the world must choose only one option – to study or to play sports, ending the other abruptly and indefinitely. The combination of education and professional sport is rarely possible and quite out of reach for many.

American prep schools and colleges offer the option of continuing with one’s athletic career alongside getting a top-tier education. The educational system is designed so that a person develops both intellectually and athletically. These schools also provide the possibility of obtaining scholarships, the value of which correlates with the value of athletic performance. It is possible to get a full scholarship.

Varsity sport in the USA is at the highest level in the world, and because of that, many athletes may pursue their sport professionally, having already received a degree. For example, college hockey is a becoming the best and least obstructed route to the NHL. (College sport also greatly benefits other athletes as well, soccer, track & field, basketball, etc. see full list of all sports in the questionnaire). Even though the process of getting to school is very demanding, being a student athlete is certainly the best investment of your time and effort. After graduation it is possible to become a professional athlete. And if you do not choose the athletic path, you can find opportunities all around the world in other sectors according to your own field of study.

We created USA Sport and Study because we want to be of help to young people who want to experience the path behind the sports and professional development without compromise of either part of life.

Robert Sovík, founder